Saturday 27th April 2013
As many of you will know Etti is expecting her first child on Monday 29th April so is on maternity leave at the moment.

She will plans to be back to work from September, but hopes to be able to cover some work before then, however is unable to accept new clients until after this date.

To arrange an appointment during that time either visit and search for a physio in your area or look up one of the names below. If you need to call/text Etti and she will text you contact details of your most local ACPAT physio. Etti has chosen 4 physiotherapists in different regions to cover her clients for the period of her maternity leave.

Felicity Begley - Lincs.
Sally Hopkins - Notts and Leics.
Sam Rodwell - Cambs and Leics.
Kath Welland - Northants and Leics.
Anna Johnson and associates - Beds.

For those of you wanting to keep up to date with Etti's baby progress keep an eye on this page or friend me on facebook! (Etti Dale - married name!)

Sunday 26th May 2013
Etti at last had a little baby boy called Archie on Monday 13th May via caesarian section. After a week in hospital they are now home safely and settling in well.

Tuesday 10th September 2013
Etti is now back working 2 days a week, so send her a text to arrange an appointment